Jump the store queues when selling to us!


With some high streets looking more like a never-ending snake of queues, you can now for the first time ever, book your goods in online to sell to us and then simply drop them off at the store. If you see a queue outside the store, simply make yourself known to the staff member manning the door and you can leave it with them, no queuing  - no hassle.

Simply create a basket for the goods you wish to sell to us (Making sure you’re as accurate as possible to avoid any confusion!) whilst double-checking you’ve got everything that goes with it, such as phone chargers and console accessories. By being as accurate as you can, this will lower the chances of any second trips being needed to collect items we can't accept!

Please remember that if it’s hardware you wish to sell, wipe it first to remove any data it contains and in the case of smartphones please don't forget to remove any account data such as iCloud or Google Accounts.

Once you’ve finished selecting the item(s) you wish to sell to us, proceed to checkout and select the option “Drop them at our nearest store”, then choose the store you wish to drop your goods at.

Once you’ve selected the store you wish to drop your goods at, complete the rest of the checkout process by selecting your desired payment method and confirming the order. Please don’t forget to add your contact details, in case we need to contact you later!

You will receive a confirmation email and an order number for your goods. Either print out the confirmation email or have the order details handy, as the store will need this. Be aware that the price quoted for your order is valid for 3 days from when you create the order. Any orders that arrive after this, may have the price updated to the current value.

The next step is simple. Bag or box your item(s) and safely head to your chosen store!

Once you reach the store, be aware of any social distancing measures in place and follow any guidance from signage or staff. When you get into the store, let a member of staff know that you have brought a Drop & Go order and provide them with the order number you were given.

Hand your goods over and once they've confirmed the order number, that’s it! You can head off to continue with your day or get back home!

Please note that the status of your Order will remain at "Awaiting Delivery" and will not change.

Once the store has completed testing your items, payment via Bank Transfer (FPS) is usually made to your account within 1 working day. If the order is processed on Friday, Saturday or Sunday then the payment should arrive in your account by Tuesday at the latest.

If there are any issues with your order, we will be in touch to discuss these with you by telephone (and if that doesn’t work by email), so we can process your order as fast as possible.

Happy Selling!