Before selling any device into us, there are a number of things you should check.

Have you wiped your data from your device(s)?

If not, it is important to understand your data needs to be removed from the device before handing it over to us. It is your responsibility to remove your personal data before selling. 

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Contact details

  • Cloud based account(s)

  • Google account(s)

  • Photos

  • Music

  • Videos

  • Locks (PIN Codes, Passwords, Fingerprints, etc.)

  • Payment links

Guides on how to format/delete data from an Apple device can be found here , and for Android devices here. We will however also perform a data wipe ourselves as part of our test process.


Have you removed all linked accounts to your device? 

Before selling any device to us, you will need to remove all accounts and cloud based logins from your device. Guides on how to remove your accounts/ icloud for Apple devices can be found here , and for Android devices here

Are there any memory or external storage devices/cards in your device? 

Before selling any device to us, we will require you to remove any external storage from the device(s) you are selling. 

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Memory cards

  • SIM cards

  • Hard drives

  • Loose paper with personal information

For SIM cards we cannot be held responsible for cancelling the airtime contracts linked to each SIM card/device and therefore will not be held responsible for costs incurred once sold.  

Please note that whilst we try to format and wipe all data from any device sold to us, any non-functioning devices that you sell may not be formatted due to their reduced functionality. As a result please be aware that there's possibility that data may be left on your device in these cases, and that we may sell or hand over your device to a third party or RMA centre to strip for parts.  

Is the device charged?

Whilst we perform a battery test on any device being sold to us, if the device is dead or holds zero battery life, we will need to charge the device prior to beginning any test, which will extended the quoted test time. To avoid potential delays when selling to us, please ensure you charge all devices prior to bringing/sending them into us to sell.