Please ensure that the items you are selling are clean and presentable. Please note that the physical condition of the goods can affect the price or whether we accept the item at all. For information on how we grade items please click HERE.

Optical Media

We don’t buy heavily scratched, warped, cracked or chipped discs. Music CDs must be unscratched. Minor scratches are acceptable on Games, DVDs and Blu rays as long as they play.

Any items containing (S) in the name must be sealed in their original packaging and wrapping. Any (S) marked items that are received unsealed will unfortunately not be accepted by CeX.

Any items containing (SN) in the name must have the products original serial number, product number or activation code present.

Phones, electronics and other hardware:

All hardware items require all essential accessories such as; chargers, connectivity cables, dongles etc.

Please remove personal phone accessories like 3rd party cases. Consoles need a compatible controller and all essential cables (Power, AV, Chargers etc.). If you're sending a laptop, providing the installation CD/DVD that came with it can help us process your order more quickly.

Any Apple device must be removed from Find My iPhone before they sent to us. See here for instructions. Android v5.1+ devices will also need to have their Google Account removed.

**Please note** - We reserve the right to adjust the prices we offer, or to return stock, in situations where we find evidence of unusual account activity.