Q. What stores are offering Click & Collect?

A. Most UK based stores are currently offering Click & Collect. Please check our stores page for a full list of what stores are offering this service.

Q. How do I know when my order is ready to collect?

A. When your order is ready to collect, you will receive a confirmation email advising you that your order is ready to be picked up. Please check your selected store's opening hours here before heading to collect your order.

Please do not go to store until you receive your confirmation email, stating that your order is ready to collect.

Q. How long does a Click & Collect order take to confirm?

A. Once your order has been placed, you should receive an order confirmation email within a few store working hours.

Please note that you will not receive a confirmation email outside of your chosen store's working hours. All store working hours can be found here.

Q. How long do I have to collect my order?

A. You have 2 days from receiving your confirmation email to collect your order. If you are unable to collect your order within 2 days of receiving the confirmation email, the order will be refunded.

Q. Do I need to bring anything when collecting?

A. When coming to collect your order, please ensure that you bring ID with you. If you are unable to present ID upon collection, or the ID does not match the details of the person who placed the order, we will not be able to hand over the items purchased. Along with the ID, you need to display the order collection email as well.

Q. What ID do I need to bring upon collecting my order?

A. For a full list of what ID is accepted, please click here. We accept all IDs that are listed under "full membership" section.

Q. Can someone else collect my order for me?

A. Yes they can, provided they have the order collection email as well as the original ID (Physical copy) of the customer who has placed the order. Photocopies and images of IDs are not accepted and additional ID may be required to verify age when an age restricted item is being collected.

Q. What payment methods do you accept?

A. You can pay for your Click & Collect order via credit/debit card or CeX voucher.

Q. My Click & Collect order was cancelled?

A. In very rare cases, we may be unable to fulfil items after a Click & Collect order is placed. In these instances you will either have the items sent to your address, or the unfilled items refunded, as per your preference.

Q. How do I return my Click & Collect order?

A. Full details on how to return a Click & Collect order can be found here

Q. Can I make a Click & Collect order using the CeX app?

A. Yes! However if you already have the app installed, you may need to do an app update in order to see Click & Collect as an option. 

Q. Can I change an online order to click and collect?
A. Orders once placed can’t be edited but you can request the order to be cancelled (provided it’s not dispatched) and place a new Click & Collect order. For details on how to cancel an order please click here.

Q. How to check the availability of items at my local CeX Store?
A. Please click here for details on how to check stock availability in your local, online or any CeX store.

Q. Do I have to sign up with CeX before placing a Click & Collect Order?
A. Yes, an online membership is required to place a Click & Collect Order.

Q. How do I cancel my Click & Collect Order?
A. Please click here for details on how to request order cancellation.

For full terms & conditions regarding Click & Collect orders, please click here.